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Thanks to Prestige Pest Control , the only buzz in this backyard
is about the barbecue.

What is it?

Our mosquito misting system is a patent pending, tested and proven automated insect control system that kills mosquitoes, flies, ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, spi­ders, wasps and other stinging and biting insects. Highly effective but equally inconspicuous, this quiet misting system not only creates a more relaxed environment, but a safer one. The MosquitoMax® misting system eliminates insects that carry deadly diseases and those that are merely annoying.

Is it OK around people and pets?

Yes, a custom manufactured insecticide consisting of plant oils is what we recommend for use in our system. This or­ganic solution is non-toxic to mammals, birds, and fish and is en­vironmentally safe. We also offer low in toxicity Pyrethrum.

How does it work?

Activated by a programmable digital timer, the system mixes concentrated insecticide with water “on-demand” and disperses the solution throughout the protected area.

High-pressure tubing feeds a series of outdoor-rated nozzles, where the mixture is emitted as an ultra fine mist.
The number and duration of daily misting cycles is programmable. One to two 20 to 60 second cycles per day is generally adequate during the low season, while six to eight cycles per day at higher strength provides ample protection during peak periods. A remote control allows activation any time between programmed intervals

What makes Our Mosquito Misting System better?

    In contrast to older 55-gallon barrel units, our misting system is an entirely new delivery system that offers many advantages:

  • More effective and more efficient

    Unlike older systems where the insecticide and water is pre-mixed and stored for later use, our misting system mixes the concentrate with water “on demand” always generating a freshly mixed solution. This design is far su­perior because it totally eliminates all chemical separation… an unavoidable side effect when using pre-mixed chemicals.

    Our mix-on-demand design also provides the ability to control the strength of the insecticide. Our installation professional will properly calibrate MosquitoMax® misting system to suit your conditions. This feature makes the unit more efficient – both environmentally and economically.

  • Easy to conceal

    There is no unsightly barrel taking up valuable space in your garage or sitting visibly in the yard. The entire MosquitoMax® system is contained in one small, wall-mount­ed aluminum enclosure. The sys­tem is lockable, giving you peace of mind around small children.

  • No wasteTypical barrel systems often indicate they’re empty while still containing as much as 15 gallons of insecticide mixture. MosquitoMax Misting System’s innovative mix-on-demand system uses every drop of concentrate with no waste.
  • Easy to service and maintainWhen your system needs to be refilled, you just add concentrate and clean a reusable filter. No time is spent measuring and mixing chemicals. In ad­dition, the system has more effective capacity than a 55-gallon barrel and can be re-filled less often.
  • Cleaner and more environmentally friendly

    The rapid fluid turnover in our mix-on-demand system eliminates fungus growth common in barrel systems. No chemical mixing agents or fungi­cide additives are needed with our Misting System.

What about installation?

Prestige Pest Control technicians are continuously setting new standards and are well respected in the industry. Our workmanship provides a virtually invisible installation.

Superior equipment is not the only reason we are the industry leader. Our service plan is second to none and is all inclusive. You will never be charged for repairs, replacement parts or labor! Prestige Pest Control customers expect the best and we deliver.

Call today for a free estimate!

Our technicians can survey your property and provide a written cost estimate and diagram of the proposed installation in as little as 30 minutes. Call today to learn more about this efficient, cost-effective system!